10 Consumer Court Lawyer That Will Actually Makes Your Life Better


Being a customer it’s very essential to know what exactly Consumer Court Lawyer is and what the rights that can use by every customer are when they feel cheated and exploited with the dealer.

What is consumer court and what are the consumer rights?

Consumer Court is a specific purpose court that deals with matters about customer disputes, conflicts, as well as grievances. The judiciary court which hearings set up through the government to preserve the consumers’ rights. Its central purpose is to keep the fair practices plus promises by retailers. Customers can register a claim against a dealer if the customer is cheated or abused by retailers. The court will particularly provide a decision in favor of the customers/consumers if they have evidence of exploitation, i.e., bills purchasing as well as any other evidence records. If a customer does not have the correct records needed for registering a case then it would be very challenging for the customer to succeed or even register a case.

The customer rights granted by consumer courts in India are:

Right to Safety: The right to be preserved from all kinds of dangerous products as well as services

Right to Information: The right to be sufficiently informed regarding the performance as well as the quality of all products plus services

Right to Choose: The right to clear choice of products as well as services

Right to be heard: The right to be heard in all judgment declaring methods associated with customer interest

Right to Redressal: The right to inquire compensation, whenever customer rights have been encroached

Right to Consumer Education: The right to perform customer education

Top experts Consumer Court Lawyer:

  1. Advocate Rajesh k.s
  2. Advocate Farhat Warsi Singh
  3. Advocate Barkha Bhalla
  4. Advocate Rajesh Rai
  5. Advocate Sunil Kumar Bakshi
  6. Advocate J.P Rinwa
  7. Advocate Bala Janki
  8. Advocate Rajeev Nigam
  9. Advocate Chitra Bhanu Gupta
  10.  Advocate Vijay Tangri

These are the top 10 Consumer Court Lawyer who is very expert in dealing with all type of consumer cases for all customers


By getting all the information about consumer rights as well as the top expert Consumer Court Lawyer, now it’s very easy to hire the best lawyer for any consumer cases. The top Consumer Court Lawyer will provide the best performance so that the consumer will get success in the case.