6 Get Death Sentence In Honour Killings Of 2013

Death Penalty
Death Penalty

In the Honour Killing case of three Dalit youths in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, the court sentenced all the six convicts to death. Nashik District sessions court on Monday held six guilty in the much anticipated judgment and acquitted one.

Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said that the court has ordered every culprit to pay a fine of 20,000 rupees. Half of the fine will be given to the families of the victims as compensation. However, some amount of compensation has already been given to the victim families.

Among those who have been awarded death sentence in this case include Popat V Darandale, Ganesh P Darandale, Prakash V Darandale, Ramesh V Darandale, Ashok Navagire and Sandeep Kurhe. A co-accused Ashok R. Phalke was acquitted in the absence of evidence.

It is noteworthy that due to the murder of three Dalit youths the political temperature of Maharashtra was heated. Contemporaneous Chief Minister RR Patil handed over the case to the CID. CID filed a charge sheet of 982 pages in this case. The afflicted families had said that the fair trial of the case is not possible in Ahmednagar. After this the matter was sent to Nashik court.

This was the case:

On January 1, 2013, Sachin Sohanlal Gharu (24), Sandeep Tanwar (25) and Rahul Kandare (20) were killed in Sonai village of Ahmednagar district. Their mangled bodies were recovered from a septic tank. According to the prosecution, the Dalit caste’s Sachin Gharu used to work as a sweeper. He loved the daughter of Popat V. Darandale. From this the family of Darandale was upset. Because of this, the girl’s father, brother and other relatives had killed three Dalit youths including Sachin.

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