6 New Judges Appointed to Bombay High Court

New Judges Appointed
New Judges Appointed

Six new judges appointed to the Bombay High Court. Current Advocate General of Maharashtra Rohit Deo is one of the appointees.

Other names include current public prosecutor Manish Manish Pitale, Sandeep Shinde, Sarang Kotwal, Government Pleader Bharti Dangre and Riyaz Chagla.

The Hon’ble High Court has a sanctioned strength of 94 judges. With these arrangements the aggregate number of sitting judges would go upto 67. This is still 27 judges short of the total sanctioned strength.

In spite of the fact that the notice is yet to come, sources at the Bar Association have confirmed the news that all of the above advocates in Mumbai got a correspondence from the Supreme Court asking them to stop practice immediately.

Rohit Deo was formally appointed as Advocate General in December last year, after functioning as Acting AG after Shreehari Aney’s resignation from the post.

With Deo’s appointment, post of the Advocate General will again be empty.

A formal notification is expected to be issued on Monday.

New Judges Appointed

Source: Live Law