Aadhar Leak: Personal information of users found on 210 government sites

Aadhar Leak
Aadhar Leak

There are reports of data leakage of users on about 210 websites of central and state governments. It is being reported that the users’ personal information and aadhar details are showing on these websites. This information is given in Parliament. In the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Electronic and IT, PP Chaudhary said, “The Indian Special Identification Authority (UIDAI) is focusing on this matter. The situation is being regularly monitored to remove aadhar data from websites. Aadhar Leak

In the investigation of the case, it has been found that Aadhar numbers are visible along with the names of the users, addresses and other information on about 210 websites (including educational institutions) of Central and State Governments’s institutions. PP Chaudhary said that personal information of aadhar data of users of UIDAI has not leaked. It also said that private units have not received any data base, including biometrics from UIDAI. At the same time, the aadhar information is shared only by authorized agencies through apps protected.

Aadhar Ape Launch:

The government has launched a mobile based interface called “mAadhaar”. This app has been developed by the Indian Specialized Identification Authority (UIDAI). Demographic information such as name, birth date, gender and home address will be provided in this app. With this, the link photo from the user’s aadhar number will also be present.

Available only at the Play Store:

This app is currently available for Android users only. So now you can move your Aadhar card in your mobile. The Twitter account of Aadhaar was announced that this app is now available for download at Google Play Store. Although this is the beta version of the app. And some services will be available only after updates.

Aadhar Leak