Another Historic Decision after Note Ban, Modi Govt. will not give ‘Reservation’ now!


Acquiescing to the requests for conceding the Constitutional status for the National Commission for Other Backward Castes (OBCs), the Union Cabinet in its meeting directed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday has given its gesture to the proposition for protected of such a body for which the Center will look for the Parliamentary endorsementReservation

“The Cabinet has affirmed formation of a National Commission for socially and instructively in reverse classes under the new article 338B, other than embeddings another arrangement through an article 342A to accommodate Parliament’s endorsement for each incorporation into and prohibition from the Central List of OBCs. The Cabinet has additionally endorsed inclusion of another proviso (26C) under Article 366 to characterize socially and instructively in reverse classes,” said a senior authority.

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The move is being viewed as a stage to deliver to the developing requests from different standing gatherings for incorporation in the OBC list on the back of Patidar and Jat unsettling in Gujarat and Haryana separately.

“The Commission might analyze demands for incorporation of any class of residents as a regressive class in the rundowns and hear objections of over-consideration or under-incorporation of any retrogressive class in such records and delicate such exhortation to the Central Government as it regards fitting,” an administration proclamation giving points of interest of the bureau meeting said.

Subsequent to the Cabinet endorsement, the current National Commission for in reverse classes alongside the law backing it would be broken down, included the authority. The general population had for some time been requesting that there ought to be a body on the lines of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The legislature said that it would move an authoritative proposition in the Parliament soon to constitute the commission of five individuals, including the administrator and his agent, other than three different individuals.

Source: News Trend