BIG DECISION : Supreme court allows euthanasia with guideline

supreme court
supreme court

Desire death has got clearance from the Supreme Court. The constitutional bench of five judges of the Supreme Court has approved the euthanasia with the condition while pronouncing the verdict. Regarding this, the court has issued guidelines for safety measures. In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, it has been said that the legacy (Living will) of the dying person, written for euthanasia should be recognized.

Die with respect is the right of every person

Supreme Court has given the right to ‘living will’ i.e euthanasia to the person, assuming the right to die with dignity in the right to live with dignity. After this decision of the court, a living person can now bequeathing desire death, and if he comes to a dying and unclaimed condition then his life saving equipment should be removed.

The Lavte couple, who demanded euthanasia, said, “We do not fully agree with the verdict from the Supreme Court. People of more than 75 years of age should be given this right. They can confirm the details of these people with the police and doctors. The government should come forward with a policy.”

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