Big Question : After Supreme Court bans crackers, where did crackers come from

Criminal Advocates In Delhi
Criminal Advocates In Delhi

Despite the ban on sale of fireworks by the Supreme Court, people fiercely played fireworks. Streets of colonies, litter spots spread over cracks in place, show that the sale of firecrackers has hardly been done.

For the past several days people who campaigned for not burning crackers asked that if the crackers were not sold then why did they come from? In this regard, people of different colonies have also accused the police from carrying out their duty on other Civic agencies.

Fireworks sold to regular customers

Akshay, a resident of Kalkaji, said that shopkeepers did not sell firecrackers by putting shops, but they evacuated their entire stock from the Stealthy. People supply firecrackers to their regular customers only from their homes instead of shops. With this, they escaped the police action and their stock also got out.

Fireworks was not too expensive

At the same time, Ankita, a resident of Govindpuri, told that he bought firecrackers from one of his acquaintances here. She told that the shops of fireworks were not adorned this time, but there was not much trouble in getting crackers. She told that the crackers did not get too expensive.

People say that the shopkeepers who had bought them to sell firecrackers, what would they do after all? That’s why they did not earn much profit to steal money from their stolen firecrackers.

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