Criminals fleeing the country and Government is not doing anything : Supreme Court

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has strongly rebuffed the Central Government over the offenders taking refuge in foreign countries after the crime. Justice Arun Mishra and MM Shantanagodar’s Bench said that one is leaving the country and the government is only engaged in Khanapurti.

The Supreme Court’s stand was extremely distressing. The Bench showed a stubborn stand despite repeated attempts at repeated hearing of such cases. The court said that if this happened again, the Foreign Secretary would be called on the person. In the matter of promoter Ritika Awasthi, Bush Foods Overseas Pvt. Ltd, the court asked Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh and lawyer V Mohana that the court has been issuing orders for the last eight months, but you are not ready to give them special attention.

The Bench also said that it seems that the government does not care about the Supreme Court. The Center also questioned the Government’s intention to bring back the fugitive criminals. When Maninder Singh said that he would get the necessary guidelines from the Authority in this matter, the court adjourned the hearing.

It is worth mentioning that Rithika Awasthi is accused of fraud and forgery. A case was registered against him in Uttar Pradesh, but after getting permission from the Supreme Court to go for bail and abroad she fled. She had promised the court that she would return till May 31, but she did not come. She is currently living in London.

At the instruction of the court, her security deposit of 86 lakh rupees has been seized. She has also been declared a fugitive. On August 29, 2016, the Supreme Court itself admitted that Ritika has contempt. She also betrayed. She has been issued a notice and has been asked why the proceedings of contempt proceed against him.

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