Daughter of peon of Civil Court become Civil Judge

Julie Kumari
Julie Kumari

Julie Kumari, the daughter of Jagdish Sah, a fourth class worker, working in Bhagalpur Civil Court, has become a Civil Judge in the 29th Bihar Judicial Service Examination.

On her success, Julie’s maternal and in-laws family members mesmerized with joy. Julie’s strong will has given her success. Julie said that after passing matriculation examination from Government High School in 2004, I got the Icom examination from Jhunjhunwala College in the year 2006. After that, started studying law in TNB Law College.

After passing the law examination in 2011, she started preparing for the examination of the Bihar Judicial Service. In the meantime, in 2009, she was married to Subal Kumar. Julie’s husband does a private job in Delhi. Born in a simple family, Julie had great affection for studies and did not look back till she got success.

She told that she has passed the judicial service examination in first chance. The examination of judicial service was held between 24 and 28 March this year. She was confident about the success and was waiting for the result.

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