Government Advocates or Private Advocates, Who is better?

Government Advocates
Government Advocates

If judges are the kings of justice, then the lawyers are the warriors of the battle of getting the justice. Advocates are the one who always stands as the warrior against the wrongs either by fighting for the poor ones for free or by themselves filing the PIL. But the differences arise when there comes the difference between the two different categories of the lawyers. Those two categories are GOVERNMENT ADVOCATES & PRIVATE ADVOCATES.

Now let us get some light over the different aspects of the two different categories of attorney. Let’s first discuss Government Advocates. As the name suggests government advocates are those advocates which are hired by states or central federation of government for representing them in the court cases. Since the states are just like the as artificial person, so, they also need someone to represent them in front of the court in the case of any allegation against them or if they file any allegation against someone other.

Now the point to understand is that whether there is some special sort of requirement to become a government lawyer? The government lawyers are nor any special kind of lawyers neither they need any special kind of education to become a government lawyer. There is an examination conducted by the states and the government of India on basis of which the lawyers are selected to represent the government. The government lawyer of Government of India is known as Attorney General of India and the government lawyer of the state is known as Advocate General.

The second category of lawyers as already named is Private Advocates. Here again, as the name suggests, Private advocate are the ones who are appointed by the deceived persons to represent their case in the court. Since they are representing a particular person for their private case only that’s why they are known as Private Lawyers. Private lawyers are just required to complete the mandatory education so as to become the member of Bar Council of India to become a lawyer. So, it can be EVERY GOVERNMENT LAWYER IS A PRIVATE LAWYER BUT EVERY PRIVATE LAWYER IS NOT A GOVERNMENT LAWYER.

To difference among them let’s take an instance. If any of your neighbours is doing misdeeds that are against the ethics of the society, and you complaint against them to police for their deeds “against the society”, then in the court the lawyer who would be representing the police or the state will be a Government Lawyer and you will be a witness in such case. But if your complaint is against your neighbours for their misdeeds and problem caused by them “specifically” to you, then in such court case you have to appoint your lawyer to represent you in court, and such lawyer will be said to as your Private Lawyer.

Both of the advocates hold an important position in the battle called Justice. If we need to prioritise one over the other, then it will not be fair decision to ignore the contribution of other. So, the question that which one of the governments or private advocate is better will vary its answer as per the situation of the case and the deceived. But the fact that skills, knowledge and the experience is what makes one better than other in the legal professional field and it will remain a lifelong truth that we have to choose which one of the Government advocate or Private Advocate is better, then these are the only basis to answer.

Government Advocates