Government oppose the plea over PNB Scam in Supreme Court

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court reproached the public who are trying to get publicity on the pretext of ​​PIL. Talking about the complete exemption to the government for investigating the PNB scam, the apex court said that we will interfere only when there will be deficiency in the investigation.

A PIL was filed on Wednesday in the Supreme Court. Attorney General K.K. Venugopal said that the investigation is underway, many people have arrested. The court should not interfere in it. On the other hand, on behalf of the petitioner’s lawyer repeatedly demanding a notice, the court said that it seems to be a publicity petition rather than a PIL. The court, while keeping the case hearing till March 16, cleared that they will consider the attorney general’s objections to the hearing on the petition before that day.

Advocate Vineet Dhanda has filed a petition seeking a fair extradition of PNB scam and prompt extradition of Neerav Modi. There was a lot of drama in the hearing before the Chief Justice’s bench on Wednesday. When the Attorney General protested, the lawyer arguing himself on the petition, demanding the issuance of the notice, said that this is a very important matter and the whole country is watching it.

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