Lal Batti Culture banned from 1st May

Lal Batti Culture
Lal Batti Culture

From the 1st of May 2017, ‘Lal Batti’ is banned on the vehicle of ministers and officers including the PM. Modi cabinet decided this Wednesday. Union minister Arun Jaitley said that now only blue light will be installed on emergency vehicles of Emergency Services like Ambulance and Fire Brigade. Lal Batti Culture

  • Arun Jaitley said that since May 1, blue light will be imposed on emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigade and police.
  • He said that under the provisions of Rule 108 (i) and 108 (iii) of the Motor Vehicle Act, the right to hire red lights in the vehicles of the Central and State Governments, but now the rule is being canceled. That is, no red light can be installed on any vehicle across the country.
  • Jaitley said that in rule 108 (2), the state government had the right to permit the blue light to be imposed on VIP Vehicles, but now it is also being changed. Lal Batti Culture

No need for change in the Act: Gadkari

  • On the other hand, Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that a notification for this will be issued as soon as possible.
  • He also said that there will be no need to make changes in Motor Vehicle Act for this.

Gadkari removed red light

  • Gadkari is the first minister of the cabinet to quit red light. He removed the red light from his government car on Wednesday.
  • He said, “This government is a common man’s government, which has decided that the use of red light and siren should be done to end VIP culture.”
  • Apart from Gadkari, many more Union ministers have stopped using red lights on their Vehicles since Wednesday.

Case was pending for one and a half years

  • It is being said that the Road and Transport Ministry was working for a long time to eliminate the use of light on government Vehicles.
  • The matter was pending for about one and half years in the PMO. To discuss this issue, the PMO also had a meeting, which talked to several senior officers.
  • The Transport Minister gave five options to his decision on how to implement the verdict.

What was the option?

  • The first option given by the transport ministry to the PMO was that the use of the lights be closed for everyone.
  • Secondly, the President, Vice President, PM and Chief Justice and Lok Sabha speaker will be allowed to do this.

AAP was the first to ban the red light

  • The decision of Ban on red light was first taken by the Aam Aadmi Party, when its government was formed in Delhi in December 2013. Later, in February 2015, the rule continued in power again.
  • The recently formed Congress government in Punjab has banned the use of red lights completely. Even here, an officer, a minister or a legislator is not allowed to place a red light on the car.
  • After the formation of Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh, the use of red light has also been stopped here.

Lal Batti Culture