Lawyers image in India is not very good, says Justice Rao

Justice L. Nageshwar Rao
Justice L. Nageshwar Rao

Supreme Court Judge Justice L. Nageshwar Rao said that the image of Lawyers In India is not good at all. This business needs more quality. Justice Rao urged the students studying advocacy not being invited to corporate jobs.

Addressing the 14th KK Luthra Memorial Court Competition, Justice Rao asked future lawyers to take his business seriously and go to the courts. Since the court is the place where the real lawyer goes. Giving the prizes to the winners, he said, “Where do we stand in the society, I tell you about it.” This business needs more improvement.

Justice Rao congratulated the winners and said that people should also learn to lose. As an attorney, you must also have the courage to lose the case. Because when you come to the Supreme Court, most of the cases are canceled here.

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