Lawyers strike on 31 March against Law Commission

Lawyers Strike
Lawyers Strike

In the protest against Advocates Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 proposed by the Law Commission, lawyers across the country will strike on 31 March 2017. Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said on Monday that lawyers of Supreme Court will support him by tying a white band on the side this day. There will be a lawyers strike in all the High Courts and District Courts. On 8th April, all State Bar council members will formulate strategies after meeting in High Court and District Court associations, BCI office, Delhi.

The chairman said that he would urge the Prime Minister, the Law Minister and Finance Minister to cancel the bill. Mishra said that after the bill is enforced, the institutions of the lawyers will be under the control of people who have no relation with the advocacy.

The chairman said that he has acted in about 55 lawyers guilty in clemency for the last one year. These lawyers are from all the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

This bill is opposed

– In case of negligence, discipline in action, lawyers will be prosecuted.
– The lawyers will have to pay the compensation according to the rules set by the Consumer Commission.
– Judge or any judicial officer can cancel the license of the lawyer on negligence and indiscipline.
– There may be action or fines on strike.
– More than half the members of the State Bar Council will be nominated by the High Courts. These members will be doctors, engineers, businessmen etc.
– There will be no election for the BCI member.
– More than half of the BCI members will be nominated by the Appellate Officer of a Supreme Court Judge, Central Monitoring Commissioner, Chartered Accountant.

Lawyers strike

Source: Jagran