Playing the National Anthem in the Cinemas is no longer mandatory : Supreme Court

National Anthem in Cinema
National Anthem in Cinema

Overturning its own order, the Supreme Court has eliminated the imperative of playing the National Anthem before filming in theaters. After changing the attitude of the central government on this issue, it was believed that the court could reverse its decision. The Central Government had told the court on Monday that the court should make changes in its order. The Center filed an affidavit in the court and said that the Inter-Ministerial Committee has been formed on this issue so that they can prepare new guidelines.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday accepted the government’s affidavit while hearing on the matter. The court said that the final verdict of the national anthem in cinemas will be taken by the Center constituted committee. The Supreme Court also said that the committee should take a broader view on all dimensions. After this decision, playing the anthem or not playing before the film will depend on the will of the owners of cinemas.

The orders of the Supreme Court on the national anthem and the attitude of the Center were questioned by many people. It was said that people go to watch movies for entertainment, they should not be imparted patriotism in this way. The Supreme Court also said during the hearing on October 23 last year that the song of the national anthem can not be called anti-national. National anthem is not necessary to show patriotism. At the same time, the court had commented that there is no need to show strap on pat for patriotism. The court had indicated that it could review the decisions made in the national anthem in 2016.

What was the order of the court?

In its order given in November 2016, the Supreme Court had said that before the film begins, the national anthem will be played and the people will be standing in the cinema hall. The court had said that during this time the National Flag will be shown on the screen. The Center also supported this decision.

Why the Center Replace Stand?

Indeed, after the instructions of the center to make the national anthem mandatory, many incidents were reported, in which the crowd had beaten the people if they did not stand for any reason. Some such incidents have emerged, in which a physically disabled person could not stand in the cinema hall during the national anthem and the crowd beat him. The whole family was excluded from the hall not one or two people.

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