The petition challenging the appointment of government permanent lawyers dismissed

Delhi High Court
Delhi High Court

The High Court has dismissed the petition challenging the permanent lawyers appointed by the Delhi government to represent the courts and tribunals. The court said that he does not want to engage in this dispute whether permission from the Council of Ministers was taken prior to the appointment of lawyers. Court is also not interested in knowing whether the Delhi government had taken permission before the appointment from the law department or not.

A bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru said that if the Council of Ministers or the Law Department is angry with these appointments or has been appointed without consultation, then he will definitely listen to this petition. The Delhi Government is free to choose government lawyer to represent itself. Advocate Snehshish Mukherjee put this petition before the High Court, in which the notification of the Delhi Government of 26 September was challenged, in which attorneys were appointed to represent the Delhi government in different courts and tribunals.

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