The sound of “Hajir Hooo” in court is now discontinued


The sound of “Hajir Ho” in court is now discontinued. Instead of orderly, the reader will speak the name of the case only on the speaker, which will benefit the common man who comes here every day, as well as the burden on the orderly will be reduced so that he can focus on the rest of the courtroom. At present, this system has been started outside all the courtrooms of Ludhiana.

Earlier this was the way to work

Earlier the orderly would ask the reader for case name and details. After this, he used to repeat the above case and details in front of the people waiting for their turn outside the courtroom. After that, the people went inside the courtroom and took their case dates and listen to the judgment. Many times it has also happened that people did not listen to the voice, due to this they had to go inside the courtroom and ask about their case.

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