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advocates in india
advocates in india

If you are a lawyer and are interested in fighting for the needy people in the public interest, then it can also prove to be helpful in making judges. The Government believes that it should also be an important measure in the scales of getting senior counsel status and appointment of lawyers to the judge. The government is in the right of encouraging this idea.

According to a senior government official, promoting the habit of fighting the case without fees will help in establishing a positive attitude in the justice system. Recently, in order to give senior lawyers status to lawyers, the Supreme Court has given this importance to the ‘public interest litigation’. It is only after this step of the Supreme Court that the government has begun to discuss whether it can be implemented about the appointment of judges? According to the official, it can be made easy by making an active advocate in the selection of lawyers who are willing to be part of the judicial system as judge.

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Pro bono lawsuits are known as ‘Pro Bono Looring’ for getting any purpose in public interest. But what does the government think about involving this scale in the appointment of judges? When asked about this, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told Dainik Jagran, “Our government wants to encourage pro bono recruitment.” There is a key to fighting the case in public interest. ‘

In the last week itself, the Supreme Court itself has given the process of granting senior status to the lawyers in the 24 High Courts and in the public interest, it has also been said that it is also seen as an important qualification to fight the case in the public interest. A committee will look into the status of senior advocate in this new system. This committee will decide on the status of senior lawyer only after considering the other features and qualifications including Pro Bono Laurer. But the Supreme Court Collegium, the top body of the judges, is yet to decide. The Collegium comprises five top judges of the Supreme Court.

Generally, the National Legal Services Authority has been providing free legal services in the country. Similarly State Legal Aid Services helps the needy. But people are increasingly needed for legal help. Despite this, so far, public interest litigation or Pro Bono services have not been expanded in the country. In only a few cases, such a thing is found. However, now the law department of the Law Ministry is preparing a database of lawyers who are contributing to the society in the public interest without trial fees.

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