Triple Divorce Effect: 15 judges of SC will not get summer break

Triple Divorce
Triple Divorce

For the first time, 15 judges of the Supreme Court will not get summer holidays. During this period triple divorce, under Muslim Personal Law, will be heard for 3 major matters, including multiple marriages. Chief Justice JS Khehar said on Thursday that he had cleared 3 benches during summer break.

  • According to the news of ‘The Indian Express’, every time during the summer holidays, the bench of two judges is hearing the cases.
  • This is the first time that 15 judges in the summer break will prepare for the hearing and the verdict.
  • According to Justice Khehar, in this period triple divorce in Muslims, more than one marriage will be heard. Also the Bench of 5 judges will be heard in the rights issue of Whatsapp and Facebook user rights issues.
  • Justice Khehar also said, “These are all very important issues, if we do not make a separate bench for this, then the decision can not be taken for many years.” Then you (the lawyer) accuse us of something Have not done or have enough cases left.”

Words of Justice Khehar:

“We have decided that a bench will hear all cases of triple divorce, which will start on May 11. From this date, there are court holidays.”

Words of Senior Lawyers:

  • Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said, “In my opinion, these are three important cases, how can I be present in front of the three benches at the same time, working during a holiday is a bilateral issue. It should not be necessary to talk to the lawyers. “
  • Kapil Sibal said, “If 3 benches will hear the hearing during the vacations, it will increase the burden of a lot.” I can go to one, not everywhere. If there is a hearing in different benches, then I will leave the Whatsapp case. “
  • Justice Khahr said, “You can not go for hearing in all cases at the same time. Only go on your turn. Why is this not decided in previous years, I do not know.”

Triple Divorce