War of words in Supreme Court during Judge Loya case hearing

Judge Loya
Judge Loya

The hearing on the demand of investigating the death of CBI Judge BH Loya of Mumbai became a hot spot among the lawyers on Monday. Verbal fight between senior advocates Dushyant Dave and Pallav Sisodiya increased to great extent. Finally, the Supreme Court had to admonish him. Firstly, Congress leader Tahasin Poonawala’s lawyer V. Giri did the debate. While highlighting the loopholes in the report of the Intelligence Department of Maharashtra, he demanded the court to investigate the case from an independent agency. After that journalist BS Lone’s lawyer Pallav Sisodiya stood up for the debate. Lone has also demanded the court to investigate the case from an independent agency.

Pallav Sisodia told the court that he had demanded an inquiry in order to ascertain the truth of the matter when two different reports came in two separate newspapers regarding the incident. Now the court is hearing the matter and he is satisfied with it. On behalf of the petitioner, advocate Indra Jai Singh said that if he did not want investigation then why the petition was filed.

Bombay Laws Association’s lawyer Dushyant Dave said that Sisodiya’s client had filed this petition to prevent the hearing of the pending case in the Bombay High Court and after transfer of the case from the High Court to the Supreme Court, his purpose has been completed. Dave again stood up and said, “It is clear that the petition was filed with the same purpose.” The people who were present on behalf of Amit Shah, are presenting from the Government of Maharashtra.

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