Why Lawyers and Judges wear Black Coats?


Lawyers and judges are the professionals serving to the judiciary of our country. They are the one who is contributing in maintaining the lawful system in the country. They are the warriors of the battle of the justice. This battle of justice is fought in the courtroom. And one thing that always attracted my attention is the dress code of the judgès and the lawyers. There is always a standard and very decent dress code always maintained in court by all the judges and courtroom.

But the question that always strikes my mind is that why is there any such kind of dress code or why the judges and advocates are always wearing the same kind of black coats in the courtrooms. It always seems that everyone is interested in the answer to this question. The answer is very interesting as well as very complicated. Moreover looking at the issue, it could also be stated that there is no rigid and fixed answer of this. But still, try to get to as many as arguments possible.

Before proceeding further to any argument, the first requirement is to discuss the history of this dignified dress code. England, when robes adopted in 1685, were symbolic of mourning for King Charles II. At that time, gowns and wigs were believed to give a degree of anonymity to lawyers and judges. Now looking at the arguments for the question, the argument that comes, first of all, is LAW. In India, the Advocate’s Act 1961, makes it mandatory for advocates or lawyers appearing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court., High Courts, Subordinate Courts, Tribunals or Authorities to wear a dress that is sober and dignified.

Now the other reason or arguments other than the compulsion of law in favour of black coat is that the dress code is not merely a status symbol, but brings out discipline among advocates and gives them the immense confidence to fight in favour of justice. The dress code also differentiates the judges and attorneys from other professionals. Besides that, Black is the colour of power and authority. Black also implies submission. Priests wear black to signify submission to God. So is the case with lawyers. Their submissions are towards justice. white band symbolise innocence and purity.

Thus, this Black coat stands for opaque and therefore the sides of the prosecution and defence are presumed to be unknown until they are substantiated by law, thereby Black gowns.

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