Alleged Power Of Attorney

2017-03-19 21:36:28

I am Rahul lives in and my parents (also one younger brother) lives together in a 1250sq.ft constructed house whose singly owner is my father only.on 26 Dec.2012 my father has been died with brain stroke naturally. after that,the name on the property changed to my mother as per mom wants to sale that property but I am refused her to sale.then my mom in the absence of me maked a fraudulent affidavit that he has only 1 son of 12 years old(i.e my small brother).that time I was 18 year old. because of which she would sale that property to someone without my acceptance.then she mutated that property to someone and ran away to somewhere by taking some small amount of the anonymous power of attorney holder forced me to quit up the possession of my house. now please advise me what should I do ? please help me to find some way from this..pls. pls......