False FIR

2018-05-11 22:18:30

one lady lodged a false fir against me , my relative and my minor nephew.in 2014u/s 354 etc luckily my nephew was in a factory at the time of incident the footage of factory showed the presence of my nephew in the factory on this bases my nephew was discharged on the first date of hearing in 2015 and dropped his case by juveline court. I and my relative got anticipatory bail.but police did not file any charge sheet against me and my relative.in 2017 .I me to the C .P . Delhi and complaint the police is neither filling the charsheet nor cancellation the case .the c.p.directed the Dcp to finalize the case.then the IO filled charge sheet against me and my relative but till now no notice has come to us. but today the MM directed the io to give summon to us.in between I filled a complaint case against the lady and others The MM directed the SHO to register FIR against the lady and others in 2015.but that lady filled the revision.it is pending in session court...my qus.are .... ........(1) what should I do now (2) will this case run further since my nephew has (Bari)(3) since police had verified the footage then can Police fill charge sheet against us.