Mental Harassment By Husband And In-laws

4 years ago

I ws married lst year in july n hv a 6 mnth old daughter .. i got married to d elder son in d family who is involved in his father business but he doesnt get any money from dis . when d talk initially started my father in law told us dat he ws trying 4 d gov job n if required he will also help him in terms wid money also. dey ask 4 a car .. dezire at d time of marriage which my father denies so we gve dem 4lk Demand draft n all other things as dowry . after my marriage circumstances seems very different .. first my husband start asking for some money now n then as he always told me dat business is not going on well .. i always trust him n gve him as he requires .. he come drunk n start abusing me .. n it started aftr a month of d marriage ... he mentally tortures me n i also get 2 know d car dat ws bought is on d name of his younger brother ...he does not hve anything on his name not even any kind of property ... he is not MCA passed as ws told at d time of marriage... my in laws also start mentally harassing me ... dey even start asking 4 my salary ..i ws taking care of myself financially on my own even aftr i got pregnant .. i done all d medical expenses myself . .. my husband n my inlaws evn in dat condition harasses me mentally n sometime physically too. he also ask me to hve a aminocentesis whch i denied


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