Advocate Surjya Kumar Borah
Lakhimpur District bar Association North Lakhimpur,Assam North Lakhimpur Assam

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:LAWYERS: Engineers can provide you with better softwares so it may not happen again , Doctors will give you medicine so you may come out of your depression but who will provide you justice,who stand up for you and bring the culprit down.It is Lawyers. They will take the stand and bring notice the society what has happened and now what should be done so that the victim will recover from the injury suffered. When people hear the word lawyer being spoken, they usually think of an individual who goes to court everyday and stands before a judge defending the freedom of another individual. This is true in some cases; however, there are many different types of lawyers with a variety of job responsibilities and duties. No matter what type of lawyer one maybe they ultimately have an extremely important role in the lives of others. So, the lawyers have a wide range of responsibilities and duties when it comes to their profession. Their role in society is even more important as they are acting as a voice for others and a social engineer having intellectual challenges. Lives of people are not only affected by standing in court and proving if one is innocent and guilty. They are affected even when a company takes over another, there is change in the banking rules or even there is increase in gas prices. One might not know but lawyers are not just confined to courtrooms but extended to the high profile business meetings of these Multinational Companies to the merchant selling his business to another.As their transactions are governed by law and a corporate lawyer is the one who helps them in solving out the legal paradoxes and allow them to do their business freely. Public opinion of lawyers is that , one who will take up your time bind you into the legal system and instead of providing you with the remedy will take up all the remaining resources you have.But let me ask them this question, You can give your opinion freely and say what one wishes to say why because our constitution allows it. That constitution which was drafted by majority of lawyers headed by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. When the Bhopal Gas tragedy took place who provided legal support to the public and provided them with remedy. Justice Bhagwati developed the concept of 'Absolute Liability' so the accused would be held liable for those innocent deaths. In 'Nirbhya' case it was the lawyers who demanded for speedy justice and asked the court if not 'Justice Delayed is Justice Denied' to that innocent girl who was battling for life and death. Yes, there are corrupt lawyers some who work for their personal gains and benefits but dirty work of few who lack on morality and ethics should not hide the great achievements and role of a lawyer in building a nation and developing a society which is fearless and advance. Lawyers keep in check that there is no one force which dictates the shape of nation.A recent example 'Beef Ban' during Jain festival Paryushan which now is being c


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