5 Advantages Of Consumer Court Lawyer And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.


Consumer Court Lawyer In Delhi is the special purpose court which deals with cases related to consumer disputes, grievances and conflicts. It is basically the judiciary set up by the government to protect the consumer rights. The main function of consumer court is to maintain the fair practices and contracts by sellers. Consumers can file a case against a seller if they are cheated or exploited by sellers. The court will provide a proof in favour of consumers if they are verdict of exploitation.

The main function of consumer court is to give extra privilege to the consumer and to maintain the practices by the seller of the service provider toward the consumer. Consumer can simply submit a file and consumer has no need to hire any Consumer court.

Why should you need to go to consumer court?

Consumer court and its procedures were produced to permit the consumer. The process for filing and having a case heard were planned to be relatively simple so that any person would be able to get justice on his own even if he/she don’t have much knowledge of laws. But, consumer courts also have their set of drawbacks. However, you may be confident about your case and feel the justified in going down the legal path, there are some things to pause.

  • Legal counsel: for appearing in consumer court, you don’t need to hire a consumer court lawyer. You can represent yourself in court. It needs many efforts for a consumer litigant to compose the file and see the case thoroughly.
  • Expenses: filing a case in consumer court is not so expensive. It is comparatively faster than types of court cases. If you hire a lawyer for case then you will be paying litigation fees.
  • Be cautious: sometimes, you don’t need to go consumer court if your dispute is over a small matter. 
  • Effort: whether you represent yourself in case or not, but you should keep your head over you. You can’t leave all up to a lawyer or representative. 
  • Time: filing a case in consumer court will require a good deal of time. You may be required to clear appointments or skip other responsibilities to appear in court. It might leads t more money loss in the long run than the actual grievance.