Delhi HC directs Indraprastha University to admit thalassemic student

Delhi High Court
Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has reported Thalassemia disease in Divyang category. Indraprastha University refused to grant admission to a student suffering from this disease. Now the High Court has instructed the University on the student’s petition to enroll the student in one of his three colleges.

The High Court said that the student is suffering from a blood disorder and this thalassemia disease falls in the category of Divyang. In such a way the college can not deny it by admitting it.

In his order, Justice Indermit Kaur said that the petitioner deserves relief. The student should be admitted to any college in the university.

The court said that it was a case of a candidate who was denied the right to enter the PWD (Person with Disability) category alone. The student took part in the first counselling on 16 July 2017 under the general category. After this, the other participated under PWD.

The court said that if Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University did not have PWD in the second phase of counselling, then why was the student allowed to participate in it?

Thalassemia is genetic disease and after the Rights of Divine People Act, 2016, it falls in the category of Divinity. In the new act of Divyangata, reservation for people of Divyang category has also increased by 3 to 5 percent.

On the other hand, the University had said that under the new law thalassemia was recognized as Divyang, but its hands were tied in front of the Indian Medical Council (MCI). The University can not accept Thalassemia’s Divinity because the MCI has not implemented it yet.

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