Delhi High Court criticize Delhi Government

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Advocates In India

The High Court strongly condemned the Delhi government on the petition filed in the case of contempt notice given to Chief Secretary MM Kutty on 6 and 13 October 2017. The court said that if the Chief Secretary give a reasonable time to respond, the sky will not fall.

Bureaucracy is sweating in the unethical battle between the Center and the Delhi Government. The court has stayed the notice given to Kutty. The bench of Chief Justice Geetha Mittal and Justice C. Harishankar said that there is no reason to take action before seeking Kutty’s time to answer the show-cause notice.

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Kuti responds to LG’s office, then how is this contempt? The Chief Secretary said that on 15 September 2017, LG had issued an order that any case related to the service would be presented before him. Accordingly, the annual confidential report was sent to LG.

On October 12, he requested the committee to be given some time, but the committee said that it is not possible to call again by postponing the meeting. The meeting will be held from October 3 to 4 in the evening on October 16. After hearing the arguments of the court, the court, Delhi government and LG office issued a notice and sought the response.

On October 6, the question-answer committee of VIS refused to give a show-cause notice to Kutty for refusing to give opposite opinion in the annual report against the bureaucrats and refusing to sign the file to check the accounts of Metro on Oct. 13.

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