Government will detect TAX Evaders from Social Media

advocates in india
advocates in india

The Central Government does not want to leave any stone unturned to crack the thieves. In this direction, the government has signed a $100 million (about Rs 650 crore) contract from L&T Infotech. Under this agreement, L&T will investigate tax thieves through social media through Infotech Analytics. The company’s official informed this Sunday.

Since the ban in November last year, the government has started reducing the system’s flaws with the help of advanced technology. In June, the Reserve Bank had told that 99% of the restriction notes were closed after the ban was returned. Since this fact has been revealed, the government has started taking steps to crack on the tax evaders.

Under the latest agreement, the government will now scrutinize information on social media and target such people. L&T Infotech will monitor social media with the help of advanced technology. For example, if someone buys a luxury car or similar expensive service or item and shares its information and photos on social media, then it will be seen by the company. If the company finds it necessary in the analysis it will be given information to the Income Tax Department. After this the details of the income and expenditure of the person can be ascertained. If there is any major difference in this, then the person can come under scrutiny.

The company’s Chief Executive and Managing Director Sanjay Jelona called the high volume digital deal with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). He said that all this is done with the help of highly advanced technology, in which the computer itself will be able to capture suspicious activities. Jelona said, ‘In this person is kept monitored all around. If someone’s wife goes to Sheshals and from there places her photos on Instagram, then we will know.

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