Rs. 200 Note ready to be released, know 5 special things related to it

200 Note
200 Note

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has stopped printing of 2000 notes just five months ago. The bank is now insisting on printing small notes. Under this, printing of notes of 200 rupees has been started in RBI’s Mysore Press. According to sources, next month the value of Rupees one billion worth 200 rupees is expected to come in the market. 200 Note

After checking the quality and security features of Sample Note in the Press Unit of the Central Government in Hoshangabad, these notes have been sent to the printing press of RBI in Mysore, Karnataka and Salbani, West Bengal.

Apart from this, printing of 500 rupees note has also been increased. When 200 rupees note comes in the market, it will remove the short note shortage.

200 Note
200 Note

Know about five things related to Rs 200 note

The bank has a large amount of cash:
An ATM machine has an average of 10,000 notes. If we assume that the ATM has only notes of 100 rupees then their number and supply increases. For instance, there is an additional cash of about 25,000 crore in the ATM machine.

The short notes will be short:
With the new note of 200 rupees coming in the market, not only will it be easy to carry out daily transactions, but a balance will be made in supply of additional demand and small coefficient notes.

Security and withdrawal:
In some media reports, things have also been reported that, where it has been mentioned, notes of advance feature will be issued to prevent fraudulent notes in the country. Also, a proposal has been sent to the RBI and as per the suggestion, these 200 rupees notes will not be brought in the market through ATMs. These notes will be found directly from the branches of the bank. By doing so, the problems faced by the new note of 2000 in the market will be avoided.

How long will the new notes of 200 rupees:
It is expected that a new note of 200 rupees will be available in the market soon. Also, the RBI has started printing them.

What else is special:
Let me tell you that the new note of one rupee is also in process. It will be released again soon. The printing work of 1 rupee note was stopped in 1994 but it was re-launched in 2015. The notes of one rupee are signed by the Secretary of Economic Affairs. While all other notes are signed by RBI governor.

200 Note