Supreme Court suggest to file petition in High Court for Chambers allotment of lawyers

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

On the matter of the allocation of the chambers in the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court, the Supreme Court refuse to consider the matter by himself and has asked the petitioner to keep his demand in the High Court and urged to High Court to settle this matter quickly.

This order has given by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, after listening to the petitioner Ramkrishna Mehrotra’s lawyer Siddharth Luthra and Vishnu Shankar Jain. Luthra said that the chamber has not been allotted in the High Court for two years. The bench advised him to go to the High Court. But Luthra had said that there is a petition already pending before the High Court. The bench asked them to file a petition in the High Court and requested the High Court that if the petition is filed then it will be settled quickly.

Mehrotra had sought in the petition that the notification of May 10, 2017 of the High Court should be cancelled. In this notification, the High Court reserves the right to fix the license fee of the chamber. Simultaneously, it had also sought that the lawyers should be allotted the chamber immediately and the right to decide the license fee should be of the central government. It was said that about 2000 new chambers are ready after the last two years but they have not been allocated to the lawyers.

In the petition, a case of violation of Article 14, 19, 225 and 229 of the Constitution has been raised. It was said that the High Court is demanding Rs 5,20,000 as the fee for the allocation, besides 25 thousand rupees is depositing with the application. While the High Court has no jurisdiction. Maintaining the High Court is the responsibility of the central and state government. In this case, the government can decide the license fee and not the high court.

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