Supreme Court Turns Down Abortion Plea of 10 Years Rape Survival

Abortion Plea
Abortion Plea

Ten years of misdeeds will give birth to a child. The Supreme Court on Friday refused to allow the victim to abort after seeing the report of the Medical Board of Chandigarh, PGI. The medical board in the report described abortion as a threat to both a baby and a pregnancy. The child is 32 weeks pregnant. A bench chaired by Chief Justice JS Kehar has dismissed the PIL challenging the misbehavior of the girl, seeking an order for abortion plea.

The Chandigarh District Court has already dismissed the request of the parents seeking permission to abort the child. The thing is that the law does not allow abortion after 20 weeks. After 20 weeks, only under special circumstances, when abortion can be prevented, abortion can be permitted only after the mother or child’s life is threatened. On July 24, hearing a PIL seeking permission to abort the child, the Supreme Court had constituted a medical board and ordered the child and its pregnancy check and report.

After reporting the report on Friday, refused to allow abortion. But said that the best medical assistance should be given to the victim and the doctors will be allowed to adopt the best method of delivery (Best Operating Mode) after delivering their health assessment. Apart from this, the court told the solicitor general Ranjeet Kumar, who is present in the court, that many such cases are coming to court. In such cases, the government was given a petition for early decision, consider the suggestion to make a permanent medical board in every state so that the victim should be brought there in the beginning. The bench said that the court has a very short time to make a decision about it.

What is the case:

According to the petition, her maternal uncle has committed rape for nearly seven months with a ten-year-old victim. When the girl went to the doctor on the complaint of pain in the stomach, then the 26 weeks pregnancy was detected. The accused in the police is currently in jail. The parents of the girl had filed a petition in the district court seeking permission for abortion but the court rejected the application on July 18. After which an attorney had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking permission for abortion.

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