What a person should look while finding a Good Advocate

Good Advocate
Good Advocate

Justice is the one of the fundamental right of every citizen of the country. And advocate is the medium for getting the basic fundamental right of justice. Since justice is important for every deceived person, same is the importance of choosing a good advocate. This decision becomes more important considering the circumstances and situations of our legal system. It is the basic requirement to have the best attorney at your side, in every legal dead either it is drafting a will or deed, buying or selling of real estate or any other legal issue.

The other consideration is the requirement to differentiate between a lawyer and a good lawyer. Anyone with required and mandatory formal legal education could be a lawyer but there are some traits that differ lawyer from a good lawyer. Keeping in sight our law system, there are many special points that a good advocate must possess.

The foremost trait is Experience. It is important to have an advocate that you can trust, it is equally important that he or she has required experience in that area of law for which you require their services. Lawyers must be good in articulating orally, and also a good listener and have written communication skills. In order to argue convincingly in the courtroom before judges, good professional speaking skills are essential. One more quality we must look for in a good advocate is Perseverance.  “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”. Before you even start work, even studying to become a lawyer takes a great deal of perseverance and commitment.

The Skill set is not limited to soft stills. Some professional skills must be looked in attorney while passing on the case. Such skills are – Judgement, Analytical skills, Research skills and People skills.

  • Judgment- Law suits and all such is happening for a game called “Judgement”. It is thus a basic requirement that the lawyer must be able to anticipate judgements clearly and could analyse the weakness of arguments that must forfeited against.
  • Analytical skills- The attorney you hire to fight your case should be good in analysing the case completely and hence provide with a stable outcome.
  • Research skills- Suits requires lots of allegations and assertions and thus the lawyer must be a good researcher of every kind of such useful information.
  • People skills-  Law is not an abstract practice. Irrelevant of how well someone does academically, at the end of the day lawyers work with people, on behalf of people, and the decisions that are made effect peoples’ lives.

Thus, the requirement of any- thing, people, place could be fulfilled by many substitutes of theirs but the rational person requires to differentiate between a good substitute and simply a substitute. Same is in this world of “Kanoon”. A lawyer could also represent you in the court but a good lawyer is the one who doesn’t work as a lawyer but as a “Counsellor”.

Good Advocate